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Control F5 is a cutting-edge advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing strategies. Our focus is on fueling the growth of your business by generating high-quality leads, enhancing customer relationships, and driving increased sales.

We pride ourselves on being a marketing agency that stands out from the rest, offering unique solutions tailored to your specific needs.

With our expertise, we create compelling projects across all communication channels, embracing the power of omnichannel marketing. Our primary goal is to ensure that your brand reaches your target audience wherever they may be, maximizing your visibility and engagement.

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Get real marketing results


We create truly relevant content for your audience, generating engagement, making your company a reference and authority in the market.


Conquer a good organic ranking of your website or blog in search engines, attracting more customers.


Through Google and Facebook Ads, your company appears to potential customers when they search for your products or services that you offer.

social media

We manage and optimize your presence on social networks, increasing engagement, followers and performance.

email marketing

We use email as a communication channel with your prospect or client, as it is a very powerful tool to strengthen relationships.

mobile marketing

We develop mobile marketing strategies capable of taking advantage of all the characteristics and functionalities of these devices.

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