A service hub developed to operate gaming in Brazil

Our story

Control+F5 was born from a systems development company, which has been operating in the market since 2002, providing solutions for management systems for companies of all sizes and segments.

In our Control+F5 IT division, we create process automation systems and integration with third-party Web and Mobile services. We assess the context in which companies operate through business process analysis (BPM).

By mapping processes, we clearly identify the needs for systems to support operations, as well as integration with payment methods, accounting, tax solutions, compliance, and others.

Transform the

Gaming experience

On-Site Solutions

  • Abreviado_Branco Marketing 360┬░
  • Abreviado_Branco Customer service
  • Abreviado_Branco Software development
  • Abreviado_Branco Compliance KYC

Off-Site Solutions

  • Abreviado_Branco Human Resources
  • Abreviado_Branco Market consultancy
  • Abreviado_Branco Administration and Accounting
  • Abreviado_Branco Legal Advice

Grow your business. Generate leads, improve customer relationships and increase your sales. We are a marketing agency unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Make a technological upgrade to evolve your company. We create unique and customized solutions in systems development, user experience analysis, mapping and process analysis.