Would you like to know a little about our history?

Control+F5 was born from a systems development company, which has been operating in the market since 2002, providing solutions for management systems for companies of all sizes and segments.

In our Control+F5 IT division, we create process automation systems and integration with third-party Web and Mobile services. We assess the context in which companies operate through business process analysis (BPM).

By mapping processes, we clearly identify the needs for systems to support operations, as well as integration with payment methods, accounting, tax solutions, compliance, and others.

In 2017, we created an internal marketing department to meet the demands that third-party agencies were unable to solve. The results were so impressive that we started to make these services available to external clients. Control+F5 Marketing was consolidated.

Our name is inspired by the Control+F5 command, used on computers. As with the function, we came to the market to refresh and clear all the cache. Renewal is in our culture.

In our Control+F5 Marketing division, we act not only as a communication provider, but aligning strategies based on experimentation and metrics.

After the opening of the market, caused by the legalization of sports betting in Brazil, there was a need for companies in this segment to adapt their operation to Brazilian users. Control+F5 specializes in this niche.

Our Control+F5 Gaming division is a service hub to operate in the Brazilian gaming market. We have expertise in the gaming market of Brazil, enabling us to achieve performance, adequacy, integration and success in the country. We have professionals with extensive experience in the gaming industry.

We bring to the market a complete solution for gaming companies wishing to operate in Brazil, covering 360° Marketing, Legal Advice, Customer Service, Market Consulting, KYC Compliance, Human Resources, Software Development, Administration and Accounting.

Control+F5 customizes the services according to your needs, offering the ideal options for your company.

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